Ordering Options

  • Option #1 DIY Buy the plans and build everything from scratch, metal working skill required. All part are available for purchase individually.
  • Option #2 Buy the hardware kit, containing the plans and hardware parts necessary to adapt the standard bike parts. In either case you will need to construct the PVC frame described in the plans. A trip to the local hardware store will supply the needed materials, standard PVC, nuts and bolts, and a few other items all listed within the plans. I like to find the boat seats first than select body color to match. Following the step by step instructions included in each kit with a bit of elbow grease you will have your very own American Speedster quadricycle!
  • Explore our site, view photos of some very happy people who have built their own 4-wheel cycle, and other amazing vehicles with our kits, and read what they have to say about American Speedster.

How does shipping work?

  • Standard shipping rates apply within the United States. Special arrangements can be made to ship outside of the U.S., but please send an enquiry prior to purchase as problems with packages reaching their destination have been encountered. We are not responsible for lost parcels.\

Do you sell a complete, open the box and put it together kit?

No all our cycles are custom made by the builder, we just make it easier supplying the speciality parts and plans.

Will the plans help me build the parts?

The plans do have drawings to enable a person with moderate metal working skills to make the speciality parts in the hardware kit, with the exception of the crank ( requires a hydraulic metal bender).

If I had a bicycle grave yard behind the shed, can I use the salvage parts to build my quad?

Short answer yes. One of the donor bikes must use a derailleur transmission and 20″ wheels. So two 20″ bikes would supply the wheels for a Side Kick. The other bikes use 16″ for the front wheels. If you want new, our bike parts are here: http://americanspeedster.com/shop

If I purchase your Side Kick hardware kit and bike parts what else do I need?

Beyond this you will need the PVC parts for the frame purchase locally at Lowes.

One length of chain link fence top-rail or a wood closet rod to reinforce lower frame rail.

3- cans of spray paint

Wood to mount seats and construct the carrier.

Material for the top.

2-Boat or stadium seats.  (Wallmart)

The Nuts and bolts and the plans are generously supplied in the hardware  kit.

What tools will I need to build these cycles?

  • A miter saw or PVC cutters are best, but a hand saw will work to cut the PVC
  • An electric drill
  • Common wrenches
  • Allen wrench set
  • Pliers
  • Mallet (rubber hammer), or a block of wood to seat the pipe connections properly.

Do I have to be a rocket scientist to build a quadricycle?

No, The only talent required is a valid credit card, and I will wave that for a check or money order. Seriously if you had to call the help line to put the handle back on the frying pan, this in not for you.  You do need some basic skills to cut and fit the PVC and install the drive. The paint job is out of a spray can. The seats are designed for a boat. If you can service your bike i think you can build a 4-wheeler.

Regards, Dan

How well do your bikes handle hills?

Gerald, The problem with any recumbent style bike is you can’t just stand on the pedals and let the beef do the work.  A human being in his best shape I understand can produce 1 horsepower and in my case not for long. So climbing hills is difficult even with 6 speeds, you still have to supply the power.  This is a problem we have here in Tallahassee every thing is ether up or down. We have an electric motor on our bike and it wonderful, with out it it would not be practical. You can put a electric wheel on the Side Kick for about $500 Plus batteries another $150.00. I don’t want to discourage you my wife jumps on our bike and drives around the neighborhood nearly every day, about 4 miles (pedaling and under power) and almost without fail pulls in to the driveway and says I love this thing! I know sounds like a commercial  but it is true.

Can I use 26″ wheels on the Side Kick ?

Hi The short answer is no. Let me explain on the two passenger bikes the seats are on top of the wheels, so it would raise the center of gravity. It would add more twist to the frame because of additional leverage, due to distance from axle to tire. The frame and brackets would have to be altered. The advantage of the 20″ wheels are the opposite to what was just said plus it will increase torque when a e-wheel is installed.

Are your quadricycles as big a bargain as I think they are?

Yes, other builders of four wheel bikes ship a complete unit by truck. Some of our cycles can be built for less than there shipping cost. A 4-wheel bike can cost from $1.300.00 to $4000.00 plus $500.00 shipping. A pedal drive Side Kick can be built for about $800.00 , less if you use salvage bike parts.
Does the electric or gas power effect the pedal drive.
No, the right rear wheel is a coaster wheel, so however you add additional power it will not effect the 6-speed drive on the left side.

Can I build a Side Kick with larger diameter tubing for more strength?

I guess it is possible but it will require custom made brackets. I use the 1&1/4″ schedule 40 PVC because the top rail of a chain link fence will fit perfectly in side the lower frame rails only. This makes for a very strong frame.
Can I lighten the bike using a wood dowel instead of the steel tube.
Yes I like to use a hard wood closet rod. Gives a little flex to the frame.
Can the Baja be built using 1&1/4″ tubing to carry more weight?
Yes It would require the brackets made for the SK. And it would be best to dry fit the frame before gluing to be sure it would work out, but it has been done.

How easy is it to customize any of the PVC bikes?

The answer is very easy, just look at the customer pages. They have come up with some very cleaver ideas. PVC is like a erector set or lego blocks You can do almost any thing you can imagine.