Side Kick II (PLANS)


The Sidekick is our most popular design.  It is made from 1 1/4″ PVC and is capable of holding up to 400lbs.  You can also mount an electric drive or even gas motor on this model.

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The classic side kick is a two passenger four wheel bike with six speeds, that can support the addition of an electric wheel. The frame is built from 1-1/4″ PVC tubing reinforced with a steel tube or wood dowel in the lower frame rails. Construction requires no wielding.

The original Side Kick was developed in 2005 and has a very loyal following. The concept of constructing a quad-cycle from common materials to make a very inexpensive alternative to a very expensive cycle has been well received.  PVC pipe is an ideal choice for the frame and very popular with the DIY crowd who love to customize their ride. Very much like an adult Erector Set. My speciality hardware parts ( parts not available in bike shop or home improvement store) are very forgiving and easy to attach and align on the frame outlined in the plans. The seats are available at discount stores, marine stores or even Walmart . They can be found in various colors and are very light weight. Last but not least you don’t have to build them as with a bench seat. I suggest you find seats first and than chose corresponding frame color.

I paid $60 for the pair.

A bench seat could also be used.

Unlike the Baja single rider bike which uses 16″ front wheels, the Side Kick uses 20″ wheels on all four corners.  Where as if you are building with second hand bike parts you need 2-20″ bikes one having a 6-speed derailleur transmission. Some chose to go this route, for those who want all new parts we offer a bike parts kit separate from the speciality hardware kit. Some may ask why not place both riders inside the frame? Answer, Because we must share the bike path with our fellow man. The Side kick is 42″ wide, and 7′ 6″ long easy to transport in pickup or van.

  • The gear shift lever to control the 6-speed derailleur is mounted on the steering column.
  • The left rear wheel is driven by the power supplied by both riders.
  •  The carrier on this model is made from 1″X 2″ pine wood strips.
  • Yes, that is a fishing tackle box that serves as a glove compartment or tool box.
  • The hand brake levers are connected to inline brakes on both the rear wheels.
  • A 48 or 36 volt electric wheel can be added to right rear.
  • The Side kick can also be built as a single passenger bike basically a heavy duty Sun Coaster.
  • Add a rear facing seat for kids or dog.

OK Dan ,What else do i need beside your kits?

Glad you asked.

  • The PVC for the frame.
  • One length of top rail for a chain link fence.
  • 4-cans of spray paint, nearly all will bond to the PVC.
  • Pine boards to mount seats and for carrier.
  • Material for top.
  • Seats

The bottom line for a fraction of the cost of a factory built quad and a little elbow grease  you can have a one of a kind 4-wheel cycle, and the pleasure of knowing you built it yourself.

Electric wheel videos.

I ask one thing, when the admirers gather please remember American Speedster.

The cost to build a Side Kick with all new materials is about $950.00 , less if using used bike parts and constructing the hardware.

Regards Dan


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