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  • 6-speed  DIY pedal drive go kart
  • Ages 8-16
  • Passenger up to 150 lbs
  • Single rider
  • Electric drive adaptable
  • Built from  PVC
  •  Specialty Hardware kits
  • Wheel kits
  • No welding required
  • Great school project

The Baja cycle is a pedal car styled after the off-road competition vehicles that are popular in the southern California’s Baja peninsula.

See bottom of page for electric power information!

Can you say s-t-r-e-t-c-h? The Baja is now longer to accommodate drivers to 5’7″ and weighting 150lbs? The frame has been redesigned to use standard bicycle wheels and a  six-speed derailleur.

The rear wheels pirated from a salvage 20″ bike ( or our bike parts kit) and the front 16″ wheels come from a second donor bike. Like all American speedster pedal vehicles it is designed to be tough, YET simple to build. Because the Baja cycle is constructed of PVC tubing, it is very easy to CUSTOMIZE. (You could call it a big erector set). As With all quality recumbent cycles, Several methods were employed to keep the weight down and still maintain the strength of this bike car.

You might ask, “Where do you get the seat and steering wheel?  The seat in the picture came from an auto supplier, but a child’s car seat works well. The plans show you how to make the steering wheel from PVC.  The new Baja incorporates inline brakes on both rear wheels.

This is the fun part of American Speedster pedal cars, your ideas and MY plans, working together to make one awesome pedal car.  The Baja cycle makes an excellent school project as well!

What information do the plans contain?  The correct dimensions for all the tubing  in the frame. The order of assembly, so your frame is strong, light and symmetrical. In addition, the steering geometry, so it will track properly in a turn. The drive and braking systems, painting tips, and seat mounting. How to form a steering wheel from PVC pipe and a luggage carrier on the back. Diagrams for the brackets to attach the wheels and drive parts, if you are building the hardware yourself.
The plans do not contain instructions for building the crank which requires a heavy duty metal bender.
Any of the parts are available for purchase  separately. You will need two salvage bike one 16″ and one multi speed 20″. We also offer a bike parts kit for this bike.


The BAJA is 39″ wide axle nut to axle nut.
Over all length is 68”.
It stands just shy of 4 ft.
The weight is about 70 lbs.
There are 32″- 42″ from the seat back to furthest pedal.
The seat is adjustable as well as crank position.
33″ from seat bottom to underside of roll bar.
20″ wheels rear wheels.
16″ wheels forward.
The turning radius is about 8′.
Carrying capacity is 150 pounds.
The cost to build with salvage bikes about $400.00.

Question, can an electric drive be added to the Baja? Yes it has been done. The electric wheel will just replace the right rear wheel and should require no modifications to the original design. More info on the Sun Coaster page.


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