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Dennis Holz

Hi Dan.    Dennis Hotz here, here are some picture’s of the newly completed sidekick two. I read the assembly booklet about 3 times and had no trouble building the bike. I had a few changes like adding a pedal to driver side and move the driver seat over about six inches. I’m 6-4, 240 so I needed a little more room. I also moved the steering column over to the left. Still adjusting the derailer so I only have about a mile on the bike. I will be getting an electric wheel in the future. Thanks for the great plans, hope to see our sidekick on your website.    Thanks again , Dennis Hotz, Council Bluffs, IA.

tiff infomation
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Lonnie Lester

I thought you might like to see a few pics of my Sidekick and custom Baja (made w/ 1.25″ pipe). Both equipped with 1,000W hub motors, running at 48v.  I’ve since added a solar panel for charging to the Baja (aka “The Wedge”). My wife and I have a blast cruising around the neighborhood. Real head-turners; both of them!
Thanks for the ideas!

Lonnie Lister
Fairfax, VA