The Sun Coaster is a light weight single person 4-wheel cycle, designed with the adult rider in mind. 

Meet the Sun Coaster! This single rider model is ideally suited for cruising the neighborhood or retirement village.

After building the Baja kits for some time I began to receive requests for an adult cycle. The Sun Coaster is designed with seniors and adults in mind. The right side of the frame is open for easy access, and the seat is chair height. As with the other two larger kits this four wheel cycle can be built as an open roadster or with an easy to remove vinyl top. (No more getting caught in those sudden showers.)

The frame is designed to use parts from two salvage bicycles. The left rear wheel is the drive wheel from a common 20″ bicycle. The right rear wheel is the front wheel from the same bike. The 16″ front wheels are from the second salvage bike.

With this design a five or seven speed bike car can be constructed at a reasonable cost. The Sun Coaster seat is 27″ wide and can carry driver and passenger with a total weight of 200 lbs. This recumbent style cycle utilizes readily available common materials whenever possible. Like the BAJA cycle, the frame is reinforced PVC tubing. The model in the picture has a five speed transmission, and hand brakes.

Seated at chair height the rider is more visible than in the Baja cycle.

The plans contain in depth instructions as well as many 3-D drawings to assist you. Plus we are putting together a help page to provided you with many photographs and links to instructional videos to help guide you through the assembly process. The estimated cost to build this cycle is $400.00 to $500.00.

Can the Sun Coaster use electric power?

The Electric Sun Coaster

The right rear wheel has been replaced with a 48 volt electric hub motor. This conversion required only minor work to the original brackets. The wheel was designed to drive the front wheel of a conventional bike, and also works great on the Sun Coaster. I added a tee to hold the (ignition) switch, and installed the speed controller to the steering wheel. The electronic brain is fastened to the underside of the seat, and the battery pack rests on the rear carrier.


The conversion adds about 65 lbs., but the bike still pedals easily without electric assistance. The electric wheel should be engaged with the cycle rolling. The real advantage is being able to climb hills that would be difficult with out the motor! The power wheel is absolutely silent and will propel the coaster at about 20 MPH on level pavement. This addition to the cycle adds great utility and range, and does not effect the pedal drive system. The newer wheels have reverse and regenerating features. We presently do not offer a Electric wheel . we recommend 750 watts or higher.

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Note: A complete build will consist of: (1) plans; (2) bicycle parts (new or salvaged); (3) specialty hardware; (4) seat; (5) PVC pipe for the frame.