Side Kick II: Our classic build is back as a two-seater!

We have sold hundreds of the Classic Side Kick in the last 11 years! We are happy to announce that we have a newer version of this popular model called the Side Kick 2 (don’t worry, we will continue to offer plans and kits!)

What is in the kit?

The kit contains 15 PVC parts, not supplied in the classic SK kit and requires 20 fewer fittings to build than the original Side Kick. For this reason the SK II is lighter than the original version. Overall cost to build may be less. I have also added a chain guard and improved the steering geometry some. The top is easier to remove for transporting than the original design.

How do I build one?

We currently offer all components to build a Side Kick II, including the plans, bicycle parts, and specialty hardware. The plans have drawings to enable a person with moderate metal working skills to make the speciality parts in the hardware kit, with the exception of the crank ( which requires a hydraulic bender). We do not sell a complete assembly package. Pictured are the parts included in the Hardware kit.

Beyond this you will need:

  • PVC parts for the frame (can purchase locally at Lowes/Home Depot).
  • (3) cans of spray paint
  • Wood to mount seats and construct the carrier
  • Material for the top
  • 2-Boat or stadium seats
    • All nut’s and bolts are in the hardware kit
  • One length of chain link fence top-rail or a wood closet rod to reinforce lower
  • Frame rail

The cycle is built from common materials. The frame is PVC pipe reinforced with a steel tube inside the lower rails. The drive parts are supplied from salvage bikes or our bicycle parts kit. The brackets necessary to adapt the bike parts to the frame can be fabricated by you or purchased from us. The seat, carrier and top will need your special touch. The nuts and bolts, Are included. Basic hand tools are required to assemble these cycles. The crank is difficult to bend and will likely need to be purchased from us.

Can the Side Kick II be electric powered?

Yes, an electric wheel can be mounted on the right side and does not effect the chain drive. The Side Kick II is heavy duty enough to handle these modifications.

Is the Side Kick II as big a bargain as I think it is?

Yes, other builders of four wheel bikes ship a complete unit by truck. A 4-wheel bike can cost from $1.500.00 to $4000.00 plus $500.00 shipping. A pedal drive SK II can be built for far less, and comes with bragging rights, ( I built it myself.) The cost of the SK-2 hardware kit, is $455.00 plus $35.00 shipping, The 6 speed bike parts kit is the same price for both bikes, $254.00 plus $40.00 Shipping. The final cost to build will be nearly the same for either Side Kick.

The total cost to build a Side Kick is about $950.00 or $650.00 if you build the bike using your own bike parts.

Youtube Video  of Side Kick II

Note: A complete build will consist of: (1) plans; (2) bicycle parts (new or salvaged); (3) specialty hardware; (4) seat; (5) PVC pipe for the frame.