The Classic Side Kick: our most popular side by side bike. 

It is made from 1 1/4″ PVC and is capable of holding up to 400lbs. You can also mount an electric drive or even gas motor on this model.

The classic Side Kick is a two passenger four wheel bike with six speeds, that can support the addition of an electric or gas engine. The frame is built from 1-1/4″ PVC tubing reinforced with a steel tube or wood dowel in the lower rails, in comparison, the Baja and Sun Coasters use 1″ tubing.

The classic Side Kick uses individual bucket style seats, this feature allows the seats to be mounted at different distances from the pedals. These seats are available at discount or marine stores or even Walmart . They can be found in various colors and are very light weight. Last but not least you don’t have to build them. I paid $60 for the pair.

A bench seat could also be used (in addition to a fishing tackle box or tool box that serves as a glove compartment — as seen pictured here).

Unlike the smaller bikes we offer that use 16″ front wheels, the SK uses twenty inch diameter front and rear wheels. Affording a more stable ride than a three wheeler. I have also moved the seats back 2″ and increased leg clearance by the clever use of a handle bar steering system.

The gear shift lever to control the 6-speed derailleur is mounted on the steering column. The hand brake levers are connected to inline brakes on both the rear wheels.

The driver sets in side the frame and the “Side Kick” straddles the right side rail. The reason is to keep the vehicle as narrow as possible for use on bike lanes. The carrier on this model is made from 1″X 2″ hard wood strips.

The bottom line the Sun Coaster and the Baja are both fine units, but are single rider cycles and are lighter weight, which is good in the cycling world. But I would say if you are 6′ or taller or want to carry 400 lbs. the side-kick is the right choice. The Side kick can also be built as a single passenger bike basically a heavy duty Sun Coaster. Of course all the American Speedster vehicles are environmentally friendly .

Can this model use either electric or gas motors?

Both ideas have been explored in the past. We have seen 48 or 36-volt electric wheel added., as well as small gas motors.

Our unique drive system is set up so both riders pedal and power is thru a 6-speed derailleur to the left rear wheel. This leaves the right wheel free to be powered by gas or electric motors with out effecting the pedal drive system.

Here are some videos of this model run with electric power:

The cost to build a Side Kick with all new materials is about $900.00, costing less if using used bike parts and constructing the hardware.

Note: A complete build will consist of: (1) plans; (2) bicycle parts (new or salvaged); (3) specialty hardware; (4) seat; (5) PVC pipe for the frame.