I had no clue! whoded a thunk it! People actually read about pages. Well I guess you’re the proof. They say I have 15 seconds to capture your attention, so if your still here I had better talk fast- what is it I do? Well you know that creative person trapped inside of you, the one that dreams of building a 4-wheel cycle and traveling the open highway to Tahiti, better make that Detroit. Yes that’s the one, the DIY sprit that resides in our inner soul. Surf board on the top yoga mat rolled up on the rear, leaving the modern world behind, wind at our back, no one but you, a friend, the dog and an I-phone 10.

Now that I have those creative juices flowing, I will explain what American Speedster is and does. We offer plans and kits to create pedal and electric 4 wheel cycles from common materials. We do not sell an open the box and assemble a ho-hum ordinary quadricycle. No No to satisfy that creative spirit we just set free, remember. Requires Your imaginative touch to create YOUR ONE OF A KIND 4-WHEEL BIKE.

In any case your friends, grand kids, perfect strangers even the dog will be amazed you pulled this off.

So rather than sitting on your bu—ah better make that your mat with fingers crossed, meditating on burning calories why not actually BURN CALLORIES. And enjoy the fresh air exercise AND JOY OF BUILDING SOMETHING SPECIAL? I have explained the process better on the individual model pages. Or you can just call me, I love to talk. 850 733 2009

The American Speedster Experience

American Speedsters cycles are designed for individuals looking for a quadricycle that is affordable, yet uniquely constructed, and durable.  For those who enjoy the satisfaction of a Do-It-Yourself project, this bike is for you. All of our kits require the purchase of additional items, such as seats, paint and top material. We offer a standard design, which can be easily customized utilizing your creative talent. The plans contain diagrams of the metal parts need. If you prefer to purchase the specialty hardware parts kit featuring  parts not common to either the bike shop or hardware store, they are available for purchase.  We also offer a bicycle parts kit if you are not using preowned bikes. The frame’s are constructed from common PVC pipe with a steel tube inside the lower frame for strength.  Welding and fabricating of hardware is not required with our kits.  Your one-of-a kind quadricycle can be completed in a few weekends.