History of the American Speedster-family of environmentally-friendly vehicles

American Speedster was started in Waterville Ohio in 1995.  I was a frustrated High School shop teacher who decided to open a small shop devoted to restoring antique cars. I was building the Speeder cars from plastic barrels, and the wood bodied Zephyr. Many people were impressed with the simple design’s. These cars were used as a child’s amusement ride at local festivals. Forced to close my restoration business because of my health, I moved to Florida in 1997.

I went to work for Xerox, that lasted until 9-11-01, just 10 days after moving into our new home. Being a follower of My lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I went to prayer and felt I was to pursue The Pedal Vehicle business.

The internet made it possible to reach a vast number of people with my plans at a very reasonable cost.  The idea of the PVC frame came to me, and it could be built by people with basic skills and few tools. The fact that no welding was required was a big plus. In a few days I had built the first prototype. I thought it looked like some of the off road cars use in the Baja desert races, so I named it after that race.  The Sun Coaster was next, because some potential buyers wanted higher seat, and it appealed to retires here in Florida. This was my first adult cycle. The Golf Coaster was my answer to people who desired a second rider If you look, close you can see it is basically a Sun Coaster. After receiving many  email from people who wanted to carry 400 plus pounds on the Gulf Coaster. (Not a good idea), I designed the Side kick.  The Side Kick is by far the most popular model. The potential to customize the bike to your individual requirements is with out bounds They are even being  notified to be used by the handicapped community. Scan our testimonial page to see what I mean.

We have had great feedback with our kits and hope that many people can continue to build and use these quadricycles for fun activities while staying active.


  • Shopping
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking
  • Errands
  • Exercising around town
  • Visiting Family and Friends
  • Riding to the beach or the park
  • or just plain cruising!

I really enjoy taking something commonly available and making something new. Like a child’s pedal car from a plastic barrel, or a Quadricycle from PVC plumbing pipe.

This business is a continual challenge. I am always improving the bikes or the methods I use to produce the parts. Now I have builders like yourself to add your ideas and talents to the mix. Welcome aboard to the American Speedster Experience.

Scam Alert! American Speedster is not For Sale. 

Regards, Dan

The American Speedster Experience

American Speedsters cycles are designed for individuals looking for a quadricycle that is affordable, yet uniquely constructed, and durable.  For those who enjoy the satisfaction of a Do-It-Yourself project, this bike is for you. All of our kits require the purchase of additional items, such as seats, paint and top material. We offer a standard design, which can be easily customized utilizing your creative talent. The plans contain diagrams of the metal parts need. If you prefer to purchase the specialty hardware featuring  parts not common to either the bike shop or hardware store they are available.  We also offer a bicycle parts kit if you are not using preowned bikes . The frame’s are constructed from common PVC pipe with a steel tube inside the lower frame for strength. Welding and fabricating of hardware is not required with our kits.  Your one-of-a kind quadricycle can be completed in a few weekends.