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Kevin Tooley’s Amazing Custom with Trailer

Kevin Tooley’s Four passenger plus one Side Kick !
You folks never cease to amaze me.
Below is a picture of my family getting ice cream ….the boys on the trailer weigh appox 200lbs and my wife and I and the little one weigh approx 390lbs ..the machine has to be around 210lbs total (trailer incl.) grand total approx 800lbs …the brute moves all about as well as the sparrow moved just me and the original machine (approx 350lbs).. I have been using the sparrow as a back up and on hills …the two motors together also get you moving pretty quick which is good for busy intersections.
We going to Maryland for a week camping ….will be logging a lot of miles around the campsite etc. this will be the real test. we have used the sidekick several times camping and it works out great …only snag is everyone wants to know where to get one…I probably give out your web address 20 times a day..

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