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Ken Larson’s Desert Style Gulf Coaster

Dan here is a photo of our HPV in front of the man in the Nevada desert last week. I made a quite a few changes to the vehicle and will send you some details later. Just wanted you to know that with your help we were able to build something that performed well in the desert. We only had to make a minor repair while there. I did have a few failures before we left during the torture testing that I did here. I will show you the remedies in another mailing. Hope all is well with you. I have a 5 speed  hub and derailleur on the rear but did not use it.  We were in low gear all of the time.  At times we were peddling into 50 MPH winds and it was still just a crawl.  I think that I will want to get a new gear set or build a jack shaft to reduce the gearing.

Thanks Kenji and Denise

– most of us are not crossing the desert but I have added a brace to the kits to strengthen the axle. Dan

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