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Dale Bellman’s Bright Yellow Baja

Dale bellman built this cool Baja as a road sled. pictures will enlarge.
Hey Dan,
I had originally trained him with a 20 speed bike and he did great but I wanted him to pull a sled. Well, since we have no snow here I figured I would buy a “road sled” a four wheeled bike. After I had said that, my wife searched the internet and found your site, and low and behold I had plans for my “road sled”………lol. I will try to send you some pictures with him hooked up to the bike. I went through quite a few configurations on how to hook him to the Baja and came up with the gangline attached at the top left corner ( we ride on the left side of the road. I originally hooked the gang line up low and center, but whenever he slowed down the gangline would go under the tires, now if he slows down the gangline goes left and high away from the tires.
I really enjoyed building this bike from you plans and your customer service is fantastic.

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