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Dale and Carmen’s Modified Sidekick with Hand Pedals

Dale bullied and carmen added hand power to a side kick for a ms bike tour and wrote.
Its official, we’ve put about 30 or 40 miles on the cars in the last couple days, my Brother (John) and my son (Blaine) will be riding the roadster………. we were very impressed with how they not only handle with ease on the road , but how easy they are to pedal!!! Were expecting to average about 10-15mph or so on the 120mile M.S Bike Tour.
We geared the hand pedals aprox 1: 2-1/2 so Carmen will do one revolution to my two and a half………..and he says he feels he could ride forever and not get to tired, so our gearing works well together.
Not bad for a first attempt, plan to build more, Carmen’s Cruisers Team mates, planning a couple single rider cars for next year. -D

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