Quadracycles built by friends of American Speedster

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Ken Larson's Desert Style Gulf Coaster

Dan here is a photo of our HPV in front of the man in the Nevada desert last week. I made a quite a few changes to the vehicle and will send you some details later. Just wanted you to know that with your help we were able to build something that performed well in the desert. We only had to make a minor repair while there. I did have a few failures before we left during the torture testing that I did here. I will show you the remedies in another mailing. Hope all is well with you. I have a 5 speed  hub and derailleur on the rear but did not use it.  We were in low gear all of the time.  At times we were peddling into 50 MPH winds and it was still just a crawl.  I think that I will want to get a new gear set or build a jack shaft to reduce the gearing.

Thanks Kenji and Denise

- most of us are not crossing the desert but I have added a brace to the kits to strengthen the axle. Dan

Matt Sutton's Sweet Sun Coaster

Hi Dan,

I wrote you a couple of weeks ago to express my appreciation for the quality of your design and parts package. In turn, you asked me to email a picture of the finished product. Well, here it is...a picture of my happy boy, posing with his new vehicle.

Thanks again for making Nathaniel's summer a memorable one.


Matt Sutton
Marlborough, MA

Julie and Mike's Very Colorful Gulf Coaster

Hi Dan,

We decorated our gulf coaster a little differently and took it to the burning man festival in Nevada. It was so great having the coaster to cruise around in.

thanks for the design.

Julie & Mike

Moab, UT

- I like the hood ornament.

Leo and Harmanna's Cute Sidekick

A Christmas card is from some kind friends leo and Harmanna Den Dulk.

Dale and Carmen's Modified Sidekick with Hand Pedals

Dale bullied and carmen added hand power to a side kick for a ms bike tour and wrote.

Its official, we've put about 30 or 40 miles on the cars in the last couple days, my Brother (John) and my son (Blaine) will be riding the roadster.......... we were very impressed with how they not only handle with ease on the road , but how easy they are to pedal!!! Were expecting to average about 10-15mph or so on the 120mile M.S Bike Tour.

We geared the hand pedals aprox 1: 2-1/2 so Carmen will do one revolution to my two and a half...........and he says he feels he could ride forever and not get to tired, so our gearing works well together.

Not bad for a first attempt, plan to build more, Carmen's Cruisers Team mates, planning a couple single rider cars for next year. -D

Jay Nelson built this wild camper using side kick components.

Ron Eigenmann painted the hardware to match the frame, nice touch.

This good looking Sidekick was built by Terry Downey of Conway, AR

Christy Cantrell's entry into the kinetic Sculpture Race in sunny California.

Christy work right down to the wire to get her entry ready for the race . The REO Speedwagon lived up to it's name on the open road, but could have used some help from flipper on the water course. Well there is always next year. Good work Christy

Well here we are next year, October. 2007 and the old bike has a new name Leo Speedwagon. The water hazard was cut down to size with some clever modifications. Pictured is queen kinetica (Christy), and friend Kim piloting the craft. They finished 8th. good job Christy and Kim.

Ward and Anita's Beautifully Customized Sidekick

A note from Ward And Anita Johnston , Canada. Look close some very nice modifications.

Hi Dan

Sending you some pics of what we call our Quad Pod.

Made up the Side Kick and found some local suppliers for the pipe & bike parts.

We added a vinyl top, jump seat, chrome fenders lights and a 48 volt motor and hit the streets in cow town. We take it to the grocery store, do our recycling and we go through the McDonald's drive-thru getting lots of positive comments.

We give out your website to any who wish to make one and have had
lots of questions. Thanks for a great economical way to get around.
All the best
Ward and Anita Johnston

David Hutchinson of Los Lunas NM. sent these pictures of his Side Kick. Dave added head lights, taillights and a horn to the cycle.

Ray's "Michigan Baja"

Dear Dan,I thought you'd like to see the latest Michigan "Baja".

That's my lovely wife Loraine in the driver's seat. Thanks for all of your work.


Ray Kamalay

I guess the Baja is not just for kids !

Nice job Ray.

Tom Apel built this single Side Kick. California style

Harry McMichael's Sidekick Roadster

Harry McMichael wrote

Here are a couple of photos of our completed Sidekick roadster. My wife and I really enjoyed building it together.
By the way your instructions and drawings were right on.

We had to give up riding our individual bikes as my wife has vertigo and hearing problems, and I am 79 years old and had my right arm amputated 10 years ago. Now we both can enjoy biking, we can have a conversation while we peddal, all in all a very enjoyable ride.

Harold Place and Family's Sidekick

Harry McMichael wrote

Here are a couple of photos of our completed Sidekick roadster. My wife and I really enjoyed building it together.
By the way your instructions and drawings were right on.

We had to give up riding our individual bikes as my wife has vertigo and hearing problems, and I am 79 years old and had my right arm amputated 10 years ago. Now we both can enjoy biking, we can have a conversation while we peddal, all in all a very enjoyable ride.

Karen Sue and Allen Wilson's Side Kick

Randy & Jane Riley's Very nice Sidekick, love the color.

Harold Blackman's Exceptional Motorized Sidekick

For the Burners out there Harold Blackman has done some fantastic mods to a Side Kick. That's a bruit motor .

Mark Mcgill and his Side kick , Nice job on the carrier Mark.

By Jim Fox is pictured at the right It is an electric hybrid.

Bob Sisson from Maryland sent this cool shot of his electric Side kick. Bob may have the fastest Side kick around with a 30+ MPH Racer Motor.

Dale Sherwin and friend Brian , Highly modified Electric Side Kick , This is a classic looking machine!

Jerry Pauley's Sidekick and Custom Carrier

Jerry Pauley wrote:

I like the look of wood so I added bumpers, dash, fenders, chain guard and luggage rack made of wood.
My daughter gave me the idea for the PVC cup holders and I designed the headlights.
We have only been able to take it on a couple of short test rides. I will make the final adjustments in Florida next month.
I was not able to paint it because it is too cold here in WV. I plan on painting it when we get back in April.
I also designed and built a carrier for the back of my Tracker that I tow behind our motor home so that we can take the "Quad Cycle" camping with us.


The Landell's Sidekick

The Landell's Built a mighty fine looking Side kick and sent this note.

Hi Dan,

We finished the Side Kick!!!

Your plans, instructions, and kits were top-notch. Thanks.

George & Judi Landells

Dale Bellman's Bright Yellow Baja

Dale bellman built this cool Baja as a road sled. pictures will enlarge.



Hey Dan,

I had originally trained him with a 20 speed bike and he did great but I wanted him to pull a sled. Well, since we have no snow here I figured I would buy a "road sled" a four wheeled bike. After I had said that, my wife searched the internet and found your site, and low and behold I had plans for my "road sled".........lol. I will try to send you some pictures with him hooked up to the bike. I went through quite a few configurations on how to hook him to the Baja and came up with the gangline attached at the top left corner ( we ride on the left side of the road. I originally hooked the gang line up low and center, but whenever he slowed down the gangline would go under the tires, now if he slows down the gangline goes left and high away from the tires.

I really enjoyed building this bike from you plans and your customer service is fantastic.


P.S. This is Koda and Maya ( Maya is in training) who pulls my Baja, sometimes they get me to speeds that are a little scary.........lol.

Gary Womble's Classy 4 Passenger Sidekick

Grady Womble sent these pictures of a modified Side Kick , The first

4 passenger to my knowledge. But wait! Adjustable seats? Very cool!

Another first adjustable seats, see Help page

John McCarthy's "Most Viewed" Sidekick

Hey Dan, My Side-Kick was most viewed at Beecher Car Show last year out of 84 cars.

I entered as a hybrid, hope you can see the picture.  Later, Jon McCarthy

Way to go! Jon

Rick Knysz's Industrial Arts Class Projects

Rick Knysz instructor, wrote

I just thought you might like to see the bike cars we worked on this year in our Engineering and Design class here in Fremont Michigan, They have gone over quite well with a lot of positive comments from Staff and Administration, Thanks for all your help...

I must say I am very impressed with what this class did with the Baja, absolutely stunning guys. Dan

Terry Kofoed's Cute Sidekick

Here is my sidekick I completed in March of this year. I know you must be getting several requests from Rigby, Idaho because every time we drive it we get requests. I could have sold a dozen of these!
I have enjoyed this very much. We find ourselves running errands all over town instead of taking the car.
Notice the Chrysler hood ornament and our custom license plate. That's my daughter, who loves to ride with me also. Thanks for the great design, Terry Kofoed
Thanks Terry for the good word. Your attractive daughter and that sporty red bike, I have no doubt will draw attention. Very cool. Regards Dan

Ed Saddlemyer's sk note the seats and gear shift.

Michael Bain Highly modified Electric drive Sun Coaster.

Rudi Crest's Sidekick with Trailer Attachment

Rudi crest has answered the question ,

can you add a trailer to a Side Kick?

quite well I might add.

Bob Hopper Illustrates the versatility of an sk , I think both bare bones left and all dressed up it is an exceptional Job.

I be willing to bet the wife had some thing to do with this.

Bryan Frinks Stunning electric Side Kick , renamed T-4-2

Dan and Mary McCullough's Retirement Vehicle

Dan and Mary McCullough Built this fine looking Sk with rear facing seat and picnic box. My guess would be some thing to do with grand kids.

Terry Sapko Look close she has made many fine changes to this Side Kick. very cool Terry

Herb Hedgpeth Engineered this front suspension . This is a real mind blower, very, very impressive.

Kevin Tooley's Amazing Custom with Trailer

Kevin Tooley's Four passenger plus one Side Kick !

You folks never cease to amaze me.

Below is a picture of my family getting ice cream ....the boys on the trailer weigh appox 200lbs and my wife and I and the little one weigh approx 390lbs ..the machine has to be around 210lbs total (trailer incl.) grand total approx 800lbs ...the brute moves all about as well as the sparrow moved just me and the original machine (approx 350lbs).. I have been using the sparrow as a back up and on hills ...the two motors together also get you moving pretty quick which is good for busy intersections.

We going to Maryland for a week camping ....will be logging a lot of miles around the campsite etc. this will be the real test. we have used the sidekick several times camping and it works out great ...only snag is everyone wants to know where to get one...I probably give out your web address 20 times a day..

Rod Mille sent this picture of a very nice looking red Side Kick.

Rod Mille sent this picture of a very nice looking red Side Kick.

Jeff Moore's Family Fun Sidekick

Jeff Moore sent these picture along with this note. Thanks Jeff

Our Side Kick is so much fun, the kids ride it everyday, all over the neighborhood.
Great exercise for the whole family. We have the most fun when we bring our side kick
camping. Other campers take pictures and want to ride it. The kids are always on it so now
I have to build one for me. It took a little studying of the pictures and rereading the instructions several times to get the build right, but all in all it was fairly straight forward and easy to build.
Thanks for such a cool product
Jeff New Orleans ,La

William Cramer of Ohio sant these really nice pictures , note the frame.

Ian Simple and his Side Kick

Ron Harmon, C-Cab pick up

Gary Clark's Side Kick

Tim Bultman's Custom Side Kick

Fred and Corinne Spicer

Earl Dean's modified SK

Gary Gustafson

Dan Baxter Topless SK-GT

Another Sidekick by Gary Clark