Kids Coasters

The Speeder and the Zephyr



Our original pedal car designed for the kid in all of us. If your child is to old for the "Barbie Jeep" and not quiet ready for a HUMMER, we offer the Speeder the most unique DIY pedal car on the web. It is a barrel of fun to build and operate, literally!  A plastic 55 gallon barrel serves as the body. Build it as a soapbox racer or add the unique pedal drive. The Speeder has received many upgrades over the years and now has a chain drive and coaster brakes.  This is a GREAT project to build for your child and you can include them in the project as well.  Find the hardware and plan kits to the right and thank for your interest in American Speedster.

Speeder Hardware Kit
Speeder Hardware Kit




The Zephyr is a wood body MG look-alike, constructed from 1/4" plywood. This model is intended for drivers up to 5' tall . As you can see from the picture above, the 20" wheels make it a classic looking machine from any angle. The patented American Speedster drive system can propel the Zephyr at speeds comparable to a 20" bicycle.  The unique drive can coast as well as drive in reverse!  Check out the plans to the right.