Gulf Coaster

Gulf Coaster


The Gulf Coaster is another popular kit and can still carry two average adults.



The Golf Coaster is a do it yourself 4-wheel bike for one or two passengers. The cycle is an excellent alternative to an expensive golf cart, or basic utility vehicle to run short range errands like picking up a few groceries or a run to the post office.  Yes it can serve as an actual golf cart if your course has a paved surface for carts.

The cycle is built from common materials. The frame is PVC pipe reinforced with a steel tube inside the lower rails. The drive parts are supplied from salvage bikes or our bicycle parts kit. The brackets necessary to adapt the bike parts to the frame can be fabricated by you or purchased from us. The seat, carrier and top will need your special touch. remaining hardware, nuts and bolts, can be picked up at any hardware store.  Basic hand tools are required to assemble these cycles. The crank is difficult to bend and will likely need to be purchased from us.

Can the Golf Coaster be electric powered?

Yes, an electric wheel can be mounted on the opposite side as an assist to the chain drive. The Gulf Coaster is heavy duty enough to handle these small modifications.  The thumb throttle is pictured on the steering wheel with the shift lever.  The batteries are on the rack under the seat. If you can build this bike, it will be easy for you to add the motor.

How does the Gulf Coaster differ from the Sun Coaster?

The sun coaster will seat one adult and a child.
The gulf Coaster will carry two adults.
The frame is 4&1/2" longer than the Sun Coaster.
The seat is 6" wider.
The steering wheel is moved to the left 4".
The crank allows for one or two people to pedal.
The top is wider.
The Sun Coaster is red

What are the speck's ?

The coaster is 82" long
The height with top is 62"
It weights about 70 lbs
It can turn around in a 16' circle
carrying capacity 300 lbs
A low gear to climb moderate hills
Higher gears for touring
Caliper brakes on both rear wheels

Is the Gulf Coaster as big a bargain as I think it is?

Yes, other builders of four wheel bikes ship a complete unit by truck.  Our cycles can be built for less than there shipping cost. A 4-wheel bike can cost from $1.500.00 to $4000.00 plus $500.00 shipping. A pedal drive Coaster can be built for about $700.00, less if you use salvage bike parts and bargain hunt.