Help and Tips

On this page you will find some information to get your Speedster up and running smoothly.


Sidekick Video Tutorial Series

The following video is part 1 of a 30 part series created by Norman Gooch, one of American Speedster's customers.  He graciously made this series to assist others with the construction of their cycles. We thank him for this excellent resource! You will be impressed with his detailed instructions.

(You can find the entire series at Norman's Youtube channel by clicking Here)


Sun Coaster Photo Tutorial

The following series of instructional photos were created specifically for the Sun Coaster.  However the basic assembly steps and principles are the same with all our kits.  Use these as a reference along with the plans that come with the kit to assist you in assembling your Coaster.  We have more to add so keep an eye out here later for a completed set.

Sun Coaster Frame:

Sun Coaster Front End and Steering